ACme Estate Sales

  • Full turnkey estate sale services with no up-front costs.
  • Comprehensive estate and product research, by experts, to price your family treasures
  • If your property needs additional maintenance, cleaning, or service, our partner company, ACME Handyman can provide free quotes.

Many of our local competitors like the sale or discount strategy and price accordingly. However, we believe that it is in our best interest to price fairly from the beginning and not rely on discounts. If you shop our sales and you find the price too high, please take a moment to politely support your case. If you are a dealer and would like to develop a relationship for end of sale buyouts, please take a moment and introduce yourself. We would be delighted to develop a relationship that benefits you, our client, and ACME. But please respect that we will first attempt to sell at full price.

Life often hands us challenging circumstances, divorce, death, or relocation. During difficult times details can be tedious and decisions can be difficult, using a professional estate sale company can help with the difficult tasks. ACME can accomplish the liquidation of your estate professionally and with integrity.​

Licensed and Insured

At ACME, we try to price fairly and to market value. We make every effort to price reasonably with consideration to the market value of the items and comparable to dealer prices found at brick and mortar stores or online auctions. Typically, our sales are two days and within that two-day market, we want to get the best price for the client we represent.  

ACME's view on pricing