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Our revised title, The One with the Snoopy, Florida Gator Lovin', World Traveling Navy Nurse still doesn’t cover the array of interests and depths of collections this former Navy Nurse spent her lifetime acquiring. She was passionate about art, theater, science fiction, travel, and yes, that beloved beagle, Snoopy. Her travels took her around the globe and she collected key chains, magnets, pens, and postcards at each location. The stand out items are authentic cultural vases from Japan, China, Ireland, England, and many other places. She did acquire three Ivory pieces before the 1985 ban on ivory. Please be patient and revisit the photos Thursday. We are uncovering more every day! 

Life often hands us challenging circumstances, divorce, death, or relocation. During difficult times details can be tedious and decisions can be difficult, using a professional estate sale company can help with the difficult tasks. ACME can accomplish the liquidation of your estate professionally and with integrity.​

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The hard one to name. When we walked in the door, we were immediately impressed with the influence of Asian Art and furnishing that surrounded the mid-century modern furniture. Immediately, the sale became The One with The Asian Influence. But as we began to sort and organize, that name no longer covered the extensive collections of the owner.