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ACME Legacy - Henry's House

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Liquidating an estate is far more than selling off possessions. ACME Estate Sale Services takes pride in knowing and remembering our clients. With ACME, Estate Sale Services includes helping to treasure the client's legacy.  

ACME Legacy  - Henry’s House

World War II Veteran, photographer by profession and hobby, avid fly fisherman, gun enthusiast, voracious reader, kind and considerate neighbor and devoted son.

Henry was in his nineties when he passed. At first glance one might think that Henry was a hoarder, but his collections had far more meaning. Born during the depression, Henry hesitated to discard anything, he knew those items may fill a future need. So as we started to unearth, we quickly learned his darkroom closet bore more than photo chemicals. He had several vintage Brownie cameras, enlargers, studio lights, tripods and boxes of old fishing reels. He would carefully dismantle an old camera to use parts to rebuild a new one. He would place all of the unwanted pieces into an old newspaper bag and carefully tie the bag and store it with other parts. Henry was recycling and repurposing far before it was fashionable. He had boxes of fishing gear, rods and reels. He made his own flies and often tweaked a high quality rod or reel to his own preferences.

During his life, Henry survived the Great Depression, fought in some of the most gruesome battles of the Second World War and pursued multiple hobbies and careers. Henry’s legacy will live on through a young film student, who carefully sifted through the many bags of spare parts Henry saved, to build an entire darkroom. He will also print contact sheets of Henry’s film. Henry’s legacy will live on through the collector who will display Henry’s meerschaum pipe, and through the retired fisherman and golf pro who collected many of the rods and reels to add to his own fly fishing gear. And his legacy will live on through the man who purchased his steamer trunk to hold lawn games and toys on his patio for generations who will never know the former owner of that trunk survived one of the costliest battles of World War II.  Though Henry is no longer with us, his possessions continue to be repurposed and changed to serve marvelous and new purposes, just as they did with Henry.