ACme Estate Sales


Why Acme Estate Sales?
Acme has been in the real estate REO Business for 7 years. Tired of seeing people walk away from possessions and memories, and seeing so many treasured items go to a landfill, ACME expanded their services from REO to Liquidation. ACME can help you liquidate

What is the benefit of an on-site estate sale?
An on-site sale provides the opportunity to liquidate the entire content of your home while attracting a large audience of buyers that often include collectors, vintage and antique dealers who are not typically attracted to garage sales. Additionally, ACME does all of the work, leaving the home ready to market.

What preparations need to be completed for an estate sale?
ACME will take care of everything to set up and conduct the sale. Before the sale you will need to remove all personal items. If ACME finds additional personal items during the set up, we will safe-guard those items for you.

What items can be sold at an estate sale?
Don’t throw anything away. Remember the English proverb, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”  Buyers are interested in everything.

What happens to items that do not sell?
After the sales, ACME offers two choices to liquidate unsold items: The homeowner can sell the remaining content to a third-party buyout company, adding the profits to the total sale. Or the homeowner can donate the unsold items to a non-profit organization.

How long will it take to prepare and hold the sale?
Depending on the size of the estate, ACME usually allows 7-10 days to prepare, promote, and conduct the sale. 

How will the sale be advertised?
ACME will promote the sale with photos and a map on popular estate sale website. In addition, ACME will email all subscribed customers.

Does ACME accept credit cards?
Yes, ACME accepts most major credit cards.

Does ACME collect sales tax?
The client is not responsible for any sales tax. However, as a Florida Business, ACME is required to collect sales tax, file a tax return and pay collected taxes.